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Roll 4D6 means you roll 4 dice and add up the total of the dice. Roll 2D6+2 means you roll 2 dice, add those two results together, then add +2 (the “+” is optional). You can also use our tool to generate a random number from anything from a 10 to 1 billion!

Dice notation is the way of recording how many dice we rolled and what symbols are on them, for example 6d4 means that we rolled six dice which each had four sides and it resulted in an even number.

The Roll A Dice & Dice Roller app is for people who want to do a dice roll for games such as Dungeons and Dragons, or any other game that requires dice rolls. It is also perfect for board games, like Monopoly.

Yes, we’re a 100% free dice app!

Roll a Dice & Dice Roller is your random number generator for any casino dice or board games like Dungeons and Dragons. It can also be used to generate any other type of random event.

Roll a dice or pick random number and let Roll A Dice & Dice Roller generate a result for you. It’s fun and easy to use.

Well, it’s simple! Get a six-sided die for D6 games and a 20-sided die for D20 games.

Roll up to three dice at once

A lot of board games require the use of a dice, but many players don’t have one. Roll A Dice & Dice Roller lets you roll a dice by entering any two numbers, even if it’s not a whole number. You can also choose from a list of different dice, including d4 all the way up to d100.

Roll A Dice & Dice Roller is a free app for your smartphone. Roll A Dice and our dice roller will be at your fingertips when you need it most. You can use it on the go, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around dice for some of your favorite games.

Most dice you see will have 6 sides, but you can buy a die with any number of sides from 2 to 100. Most game tables will be designed for 6 sided dice because of their symmetry, but other shapes are possible.

A D6 has a range between 1 and 6.

Download our free dice roller app on your Android or iOS device and have fun in the palm of your hands. With Roll A Dice & Dice Roller, you can roll 4, 6, 10, or 20 dice. Have a specific number of dice to roll? A user-friendly interface will allow you to change the total number of rolls with just one click.

The probability of a 1 being rolled is 16.666% and the probability of a 4 on a 3d6 is 12.5%.

The d20 system was created by game designer Dave Arneson, and it was first published in 1974. It has become the most common way to resolve a variety of actions in role-playing games.

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