DieDice.com is a website where you can use real dice to play online RPG games with your friends and meet new people who share the same interests. Players share in worlds they’ve created, complete missions and put their characters on the path to becoming an Epic Master.

While our site was originally built for gamers of all skill levels, we’ve seen how our services have encouraged other types of social interaction as well.

All you have to do is simply roll some standard polyhedron dice and place them in our virtual dice roller!

DieDice was created in 2013 as pandemic game master tools by James Miller who is also the owner of DieDice.com

DieDice provides a convenient and easy way to roll virtual dice.  You can use this virtual dice to play games like Dungeons and Dragons or your favorite RPG, when it is not practical to use real dice.  DieDice is perfect for those who play often and want to increase their RP experience without the hassle of tracking down real dice.

In addition to providing an interactive interface, all of our user-oriented features are available in bright colors that make it easier to distinguish between the different types of dice. Our main goal is to provide an easy and simple way to roll virtual dice in almost any game, not just RPGs!

DieDice.com is an online virtual dice roller that allows you to roll a die and then use any number of results to create a regular six-sided die.  You no longer have to worry about having enough dice in your pocket or purse because now you can throw those overused d20s and other dice straight from your phone or computer.

DieDice is unlike any other dice game because it’s fun and easy, with no complicated instructions or conditions.  The game works with any type of iOS or Android device, as well as PC or Mac computers!

DieDice is the online virtual dice roller that allows you to roll a dice online.  One click and your roll is generated with an infinite number of results.  You can enjoy playing RPG games with our free online dice games or play other dice based games on our site such as: Yahtzee, Backgammon, Scrabble and more.  DieDice was born out of the need for us to have an online gaming site where we could have friends, but still want to be able to play our favorite dice game.  We enjoyed playing with physical dice, but the hassle of having to carry them was something that kept us from doing it very often.  Once we started using DieDice, we couldn’t stop! We are excited about how much fun this has been for us.